From One Believer To Another

From One Believer To Another

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As you read, I pray you’ll not see me as being angry at anyone. Firm at times with some, I’ll agree with that. I know that no matter what a person has gone through, things they’ve said or done, or still doing for that matter, there’s a 50/50 chance of my having sought forgiveness for doing the exact same thing at one time or another. I know the battle is not against flesh and blood my friend.

Throughout this blog you will find me quoting things heard on the radio. You’ll not find the names of those who said these things in the posts. I do document their names, the date, time, and radio station call sign on my copy of the original document. I do not publish these details because our mission should be to expose the false teachings not to personally attack the person.

If you should continue reading my friend, you will find the Anthanasian Creed being exposed for what it is, a false doctrine. The word of God having the final say. My trusting in He who knows hears and sees all things, the God of the [Bible].

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Anthanasian Creed is the Problem

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.” Ephesians 1:3 (NKJV)

In the precious and beautiful name of Messiah Yeshua “Jesus,” greetings.

And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a load voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” that is, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” Matthew 27:46 (NKJV)

While listening to the local “Christian” radio station I heard, referring to Matthew 27:46, “And then Jesus on the human side was forsaken by God.” 

The speaker on the radio is not only a follower of the Anthanasian Creed, he’d be the first to tell you Jesus is God.

Who else would want the listening audience to believe “the human side” of Jesus “was forsaken by God,” as if Jesus had a human side and a God side that didn’t know the other exists. 

There’s no reason to believe Jesus was first introduced to the world at the exact same time the Anthanasian Creed surfaced in 325-AD and became doctrine of the Catholic Church. 

Proving “And then Jesus on the human side was forsaken by God” is a byproduct of the Anthanasian Creed won’t be a problem. 

These words found in what’s known to us today as Matthew 27:46 were not only spoken by Jesus in the first century, they were record well before the Anthanasian Creed surfaced in 325-AD. 

I’m not looking to force anyone into believing anything here but the last entry of the New Testament was recorded near the end of the first century, well before 325-AD.

The speaker quoted Matthew 27:46 correctly, but was left with having to make it conform [to] the Anthanasian Creed by adding a reference to a human side of Jesus.  Anything less would put the speaker in the position of having to explain how Jesus could be forsaken by God if He was God to his listeners.  Instead he now has them believing “Jesus on the human side was forsaken by God.”  The simple explanation would have been to say, the Anthanasian Creed is the problem.   

I don’t know about you but in Matthew 27:46 I see the one that was forsaken by God, Jesus, calling that same God “My God” His God.  I can’t imagine how anyone could see it any other way.

God bless
In His Care… Jim

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